By simply sending the project and the documents required by the call, the applicant authorises the promoter to publish and publicise their project in the manner and by the means considered most appropriate, for as long as is necessary for any promotional, communication and/or marketing purposes.
Each participant declares that his/her project is original, that he/she is the author of it and that it does not violate the rights of third parties. The organiser is therefore exonerated from any responsibility for any disputes that may arise regarding the originality and authorship of the work or any imitation or exploitation of the work by third parties.
Each participant agrees to release the organisation from all liability in the event of any claims or obligations arising in connection with this initiative.
The economic exploitation rights arising from any industrialisation of the prototype shall be agreed with the designer through an agreement if the industrialisation and commercialisation option described in the following clause is exercised.
The partner companies reserve the right to industrialise and commercialise the product in agreement with the designer within 12 (twelve) months of the end of the event. After this period, the designer shall be free from any constraint.
The prototype will remain the property of the designer and/or the company that made it (as agreed between the designer and the executing company).
Projects will not be returned to sender.
Nothing is owed to project authors for publishing their work.
Agorà Design is relieved from any responsibility for any theft, loss or damage of the works in competition. Participants are entitled to protect their project idea in advance following current legislation on intellectual property protection.
Agorà Design and the partner companies, if they deem it appropriate, will publicise and promote in their catalogues or other media the projects and images of the works at the event, so that it is always present in the world of design, production and marketing.